Face Shield

Face Shield

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  • Size: 15” (Width) x 9” (Length)
  • Optically clear, no distortion free wrap-around shield
  • Quick & easy to put on
  • 1″ Wide woven elastic band can be adjusted according to your needs
  • 1″ Thick PU soft-brow foam for additional comfort
  • Visor is made from thick PET Plastic (commonly used in plastic water bottles)

The face shield can be reused and is 100% recyclable. It is designed to handle thorough cleanings such as disinfecting with sprays/wipes. (*Not recommended for multiple use in medical applications)

The face shield is manufactured for extended use. The shields contain a full-form brow with a soft sponge addition that is specifically designed for lengthy use. The elastic strap allows for easy removal or application.

The face shield takes various head shapes and sizes into account. Our adjustable face shield was designed to ensure that you achieve the best ergonomic fit.

Made in Canada