Tattoos & Veganism


vegan tattoo 

Tattooing isn't necessarily a new concept, and the number of people who are getting tattoos has risen considerably over the last few decades owing majorly to the fact that there are better tattoo supplies available. Safer tattoo needles, tattoo pigments made from all sorts of raw materials are available and even better tattoo aftercare products.


The tattoo trends over the years have however become more characteristic and interesting, so much so that some believe that we are in the age of ‘the rebirth of tattooing- the renaissance’. The more recent vegan tattoo trend is of particular interest to us in this post, what is going on with veganism and tattooing?


Before now, it would have been ironic to get a tattoo as a vegan, it would have meant going against everything that the vegan lifestyle preached; all things tattoos were primarily made out of animal-based raw materials; from tattoo needles, tattoo pigments and ink, even tattoo aftercare products had animal-based compositions. That has changed as more plant based products are available, getting a truly vegan tattoo has become relatively easy to achieve.


Most people believe that tattoos are the individual's way of creating an identity or any other valid reason but to the vegan getting a tattoo, the cause against animal cruelty is at the front.


More and more we observed that the number of full-time vegans who are using tattoo supplies, tattoo pigments and tattoo aftercare materials that are free of animal ingredients to create tattoo expressions that promote the vegan lifestyle are on the all-time high.


We have seen from the trends of the last couple of years that nature-inspired plant tattoos have become quite popular among vegans, more so with the innovative creations of tattoo supplies and ink formulas that are plant-based, the demand for vegan tattoo pigment has increased. To meet this demand, an interesting veganism trend is being observed; there is now an increasing number of tattoo shops and tattoo artists that focus only on serving the vegan population, dedicating themselves to creating only cruelty-free tattoos.


In an industry where we have so much single use, and non-recyclable, it feels good knowing that more and more products available that aren't harming any animals through the tattoo supplies used.

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